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Feng Shui Workshops

Looking to host a fun and inspiring event for you and your friends? Our feng shui workshops are a unique way to entertain and receive insight into the world of feng shui. Each event runs for 2.5 hours at $25 per person (maximum of 6-10 guests) and includes: For the Hostess - choose from one…
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New Build & Renovations (Floor Plans)

Are you thinking of building, renovating and designing your house that will best suit your lifestyle and family needs? Consider our Floor Plan review service which provides you with the ideal location for your bedrooms, ensuites, garages, walls, front door and house direction. Most important are the areas in the home that give the occupants the…
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Happy Kids

All parents want to see their children happy, healthy, sleeping, thriving, learning and being energetic.  Children’s bedrooms are one of the most important things in their environment growing up, from the position of their beds and window positions, wall colours, pictures and clutter. What your child sees every day when they wake up, before going…
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