Prepare Your Home For Sale

We all know that selling your home can be a very stressful process and is one of the most critical times when you have to think about confronting the clutter you may have accumulated over the years.  To attract the best potential buyer, the home needs to feel spacious, organised, clean and tidy.

We bring our in-depth real estate experience and buyer knowledge to prepare your home for sale which we draw from an array of fields including getting the energy flow right with furniture placement, decluttering, maximising space to get you moving sooner to your next destination.

We will show you ways to always have your home looking it’s best for open homes and ready for the photo shoot prior to hitting the market.

Co-ordination of stylists, cleaners, removalists and tradespersons can be organised with us to take the stress off you.

We are just a phone call away on 0428 497 160!

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Before and After

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