Virtual Sessions

Have you given up on trying to keep your life and home in order?

Are you a menopausal woman struggling at home with clutter?

You may have daily commintments caring for your elderly parents or teenagers still living at home.

Did you know…Stress is the #1 cause for menopausal women struggling with symptoms including; weight gain, belly bloat and cravings. Based on science that has proven that women start to lose estrogen at a rapid rate from their 40’s, so we need to make significant changes to the way we manage our mindset, movement and environment as these have a direct effect on how we cope day to day with menopause.

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above, look no further!

Our Virtual Decluttering Sessions (via Zoom) are ideal for you if you are ready to take action! 

You want to get organised at home and in your life, feel more relaxed and calmer by creating a healthier space for you and your family.

You are sick of feeling exhausted just looking at the clutter, mess, disorganisation.

You just want some help to know where and how to get started and get going with motivation again with an organising accountability buddy!

We can help with:

How & Where to get started 

Letting go of possessions (no guilt)

Avoid procrastination 

Overcome habits

Set-up simple systems to suit your family routines.

Gain confidence & feeling empowered to complete on any task in your home.

Moving house and don’t know where to start with decluttering, styling, donating and furniture placement.

Benefits you may see for you:

More energy

Better sleep

Mindset clarity

Gain motivation

Tackle any task with ease

And…the added BONUS! You get access to Jenny without having to wait months to book an inhouse session.

Getting you a quick turn around and ready to tackle your task at hand without procrastination settling in.

If you need help with decluttering, rightsizing or getting your home ready for sale.

Jenny is ready to help you at short notice!

If you would like to chat further, book a 15 minute Inspiration Call today!

Ready when you are!

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