Hello there, I am Jenny Vile and I am thrilled you have taken the first step to finding out more about how I can help you along your midlife journey!

Just a brief intro to start, I'm a business owner of 20 years with experience in Professional Organising, Declutter Coaching, Administration, Real Estate, FENG SHUI Energy and Colour Consulting.

I am a mother of 2 beautiful adults, now a Nanna to my gorgeous grandson Zechariah!

My love of fitness and being active started at a young age with gymnastics, ballet, jazz & tap, long distance running and (teaching gymnastics and exercise classes on the front lawn at home).

My adult-self loves strength training, hill climbing and mountain hikes. Gardening is my go-to for relaxation and drinking tea in my bright fancy cups! But most of all spending time with my beautiful grandson when I can.

Peri-menopause hit me at the age of 38 with a whirlwind of debilitating symptoms including fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, insomnia, dry eye, heavy periods, iron deficiency, body aches and fibromyalgia, just to add to the mix.

I spent years of time (and money) at doctors and specialists having endless blood tests, procedures and multiple surgeries to try and relief my pain such as a hysterectomy and extensive adhesions removal to try and resolve the issues.

This lead me to do some of my own research as to why this was happening to me. 

So, I decided to study specific coursework and further training in Menopause Fitness Coaching to learn more.

Now at 52, fully menopausal, I have created a Home & Lifestyle Program called – The Menopause Reset to help menopausal women with simple tools and strategies to create change in their life and home to reduce stress (the #1 key driver in weight gain & cravings), improve coping skills with accountability around mindset blockages, improved movement, with the added bonus to create a calmer and well organised home with my declutter coaching services.

So, if you are ready to gain your INNER POWER, take BACK CONTROL and becoming more holistic in your approach to menopause with my 3 key focuses; Mindset. Movement. Lifestyle.

Then let’s start taking action together today!

Are you ready? I am… 

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