Hello there, I am Jenny Vile and I am thrilled you have taken the first step to finding out more about how I can help you along your menopause journey!

I'm a business owner of 19 years, mother of 2 beautiful adults and now a Nanny!

A background in administration, real estate, professional organiser and declutter coach.

My love of fitness started at a young age (running gymnastics & exercise classes on the lawn at home).

My adult-self loves strength training, hill walking and mountain hiking. Gardening is my go to for relaxation and drinking tea in my bright fancy cups is always a treat and of course spending time with my beautiful grandson.

A natural organiser (with a knack for making order out of chaos), I do like a challenge. So creating programs for women to make their lives easier, more fun, motivating and healthier is my goal.

I love helping women (just like YOU) through peri to post menopause by EMPOWERING you to gain control of your mind, body and environment.

My passion is to lift you up!

If you are ready to gain your INNER POWER, take BACK CONTROL and get clear on how to reduce your symptoms with mindset, movement, nutrition and environment changes, and live your best life well into your 60’s and beyond, then take action!

I am ready…

Find out more about my new coaching program via the Contact page, and let’s get you on your way!

You can email me: [email protected]

One step at a time, Jen