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The Menopause Reset (TMR)

Have you been doing endless cardio, but still not losing weight?

Have you lost your mojo and just feel blah…

Is your home life a cluttered mess?

Here is a fact: Did you know now there is over 40 confirmed symptoms of menopause!

The most common are: weight gain, lethargic, bloating, brain fog, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, urinary incontinence, joint pain, joint stiffness, body aches & pains, weight gain, muscle loss…just to name a few!

I am a menopausal woman too. I get it. I know the challenges and would love to help you with your journey. 

That’s why I have created my Home & Lifestyle Program –  The Menopause Reset (TMR) specifically in mind for the menopausal woman. 

The TMR Program will include:

Mindset |  Movement | Lifestyle 

This Program is ideal for you ladies to help get you back on track, feeling more motivated, energised, sleeping better by simply starting from where you are now by taking small action steps and being able to start kicking those health and lifestyle goals you want for a better life in your menopausal years and beyond.

The Program is based on science and research done on menopausal women (just like you).

As a Professional Organiser and Declutter Coach, we are going to focus on your home environment and learn techniques to create a calmer home with declutter tips, self-care and start feeling more confident in the clothes you’re wearing.

Forget the myths you believe to be true about aging. It is not too late to live your best life in menopause and beyond.

I believe we can change our path and discover the pieces to the menopausal puzzle!

Let’s dive in and see what’s included:

Mindset – we address your blockages and habits that might be holding you back from achieving your ideal goals with your health and home life.

Have you wondered: What are your aspirations now as a midlife women and for the future?

When you get the right clarity around these, the law of attraction will start to boost your enthusiasm, your focus and future planning ideals. It improves your mental health and general wellbeing.

Movement – in this 8 week Program you will be provided with the knowledge on how to make changes in your daily life with simple movement’s to do at home or outdoors (saving you time and money), no more paying for gym memberships or feeling guilty when you don’t have the energy, time or motivation to even start.
Yay! I hear you say…

We start from where your energy level is right now and make easy short action steps to build your confidence around getting more movement in your life.

Then as you progress and feel more motivated and ready to take on more movement, you can introduce more time and intensity to your day.

Find out why the exercises you were doing in your 20’s & 30’s will no longer work for you in menopause and beyond. The wrong exercises could be doing you more harm than good for your body long term. More on that in our program…

Lifestyle –  we will dig deep into how your sleep, stress and home environment may be working against you (such as insomnia, clutter and environmental toxins).

Find out my secret sauce to practicing self care and what is the #1 key to your success to reduce menopause symptoms! 

BONUS: We offer guidance on what questions to ask your health professional at your next consultation for blood tests if required. 

When you commit to taking the action steps in these 3 areas of your life, you will begin to step into your power, feel alive, motivated and ready to discover the new you. 

These are just some of the wins that are ready and waiting for YOU:

More energy
Better sleep
Mindset clarity
Feel vibrant
Healthier skin
Overcome cravings

Remember: there is no one formula that applies to all women.
Every woman is different!

In the Program, I will be your accountability buddy along the way, cheering you on!

If you are ready to start, find your INNER STRENGTH, SPEAK UP, taking CONTROL and get clear on living your best life, well into your 50’s and beyond, then take action today!

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The Menopause Reset Program coming in 2024!

Disclaimer:  Jenny is a Certified Cert III in Fitness Instructor,  Professional Organiser, Declutter Coach and has taken specific coursework and training in Menopause Fitness Coaching. Jenny is not a personal trainer or nutritionist. I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat. I share information and science so that you may make conscious decisions. This is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for a medical physician.

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