Some of the common symptoms women suffer when transitioning through peri to post menopause are: bloating, brain fog, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, urinary incontinence, joint pain, joint stiffness, body aches & pains, weight gain, muscle loss, adrenal fatigue, lack of energy …just to name a few!

Have YOU tried all the weight loss programs?

Have you been exercising with no results and still put on more weight?

Do you eat healthy foods, but still feel lethargic, tired, sore & achy?

Have you spent hundreds of dollars to find solutions, but still nothing works?

It could be your hormones playing havoc.

Jenny is there with you, all the way!

A menopausal women who gets it, knows the challenges and wants to help you with your journey. 

 Jenny is creating a new program just for you: The Menopause Reset!

The four ways that you will be supported include:

Mindset + Nutrition + Fitness + Movement = The Menopause Reset 

In this program you receive loads of information and action steps to help YOU gain further insight and find the  pieces to the menopausal puzzle!

Let’s dive in with what’s included:

Mindset – in this pillar we address your mindset thoughts, aspirations with goal setting, what are your goals and how your want to live your life well into your future years. When you get clarity around this, amazing changes start to show up and your wellbeing and mental energy improves.

Nutrition – we explored your eating habits, adjust slowly any changes that will support your body’s changing needs, and gain the confidence to then make the ideal food choices that will benefit you as you transition through menopause and reduce your symptoms.

Did you know? the foods we ate before peri-menopause will no longer serve you in midlife and beyond. 

 Eating to optimise gut health will help achieve better hormonal balance, and support your well being. 

Movement – you get simple, short exercise options to do at home (no more slogging it out at the gym). A great solution if you are short on time, want more confidence to get started with exercise and master what works best for midlife women to reduce inflammation, bloating, insomnia and so much more…  

Did you know… the exercises you were doing pre-menopause will not be suitable for you during/after menopause? The wrong exercise regime can cause more harm than good for your body long term. More on that in our program…

You will also find out why rest & recovery between training is so important for midlife women.

We will discuss your hormones, the likely changes you may experience and why! 

What solutions are there to improve your wellbeing?  We offer guidance on the questions to ask, blood tests to order from your practitioner/naturopath at your next consultation.

Lifestyle –  we will dig deep into how your sleep patterns, stress and home environment may be working against you (such as insomnia, clutter and environmental toxins).

Find out why practicing self care by having YOU time is so important! We seek to find out what is holding you back from living your best life.

When you commit to taking these action steps from these four pillars you will begin to step into your power, feel excited you have overcome fears, mindset blockages you never knew you had. 

These are just some of the wins that are ready and waiting for YOU:

Feel empowered | Gain Control
Increased muscle | Bone strength
Increased energy
Restful sleep
Mindset clarity
Weight loss | Less bloating
Feel vibrant | Healthier skin
Nutrition focused

Remember: there is no exact single answer that applies to every body.
Every woman is different!

If you are ready to start, find your INNER POWER, start SPEAKING UP, taking BACK CONTROL and get clear on how to reduce your symptoms and live your best life well into your 50’s, 60’s and beyond, then take action today!

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