Feng Shui Workshops

Looking to host a fun and inspiring event for you and your friends? Our feng shui workshops are a unique way to entertain and receive insight into the world of feng shui.

Each event runs for 2.5 hours at $25 per person (maximum of 6-10 guests) and includes:

For the Hostess - choose from one of our theme parties below and we will give you insight into feng shui and also receive a complimentary money envelope.

For the group - tips for decorating and design according to Feng Shui principles and '5 elements' ideas.

Areas to choose from include; Abundance, Relationships, Kitchen & Entertaining, Manifestation Boards, Bedroom, Kids, Career and Fame, Health.

Our goal is to help you create a fun home party that brings in the aspect of Feng Shui, working with colour and energy to create harmony and balance in your home. 

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