New Build & Renovations (Floor Plans)

Are you thinking of building, renovating and designing your house that will best suit your lifestyle and family needs? Consider our Floor Plan review service which provides you with the ideal location for your bedrooms, ensuites, garages, walls, front door and house direction.

Most important are the areas in the home that give the occupants the best feeling of abundance, relationships, health and wellbeing. These are the relationship and abundance corners of the home.

Factors to consider - is the house going to be built on a sloping or corner block or opposite a T-section or cul-de-sac? This will have a major impact on the occupant’s health and financial state.

Call us today before you design your home or submit your plans to the builder/architect or Council.

What will you receive?

  • Review of floor plans
  • Recommendation Report (additional cost)
  • Agente gift

Optional: Additional Floor Plan Report (particularly focusing on the Abundance and Relationship Corners, garage and ensuite placement)

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