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All parents want to see their children happy, healthy, sleeping, thriving, learning and being energetic.  Children’s bedrooms are one of the most important things in their environment growing up, from the position of their beds and window positions, wall colours, pictures and clutter.

What your child sees every day when they wake up, before going to sleep, walking or playing in their room affects their subconscious more than we realise. A child’s room should reflect a peaceful quiet area.  Some items are not ideal for children’s bedrooms eg. live plants, water fountains or aquariums which can stop children from sleeping.

If your child is not sleeping, feeling anxious, having nightmares, ending up in your bed or just feeling unsettled in their bedroom, we are here to help you and your child with our ‘Happy Kids’ bedroom consultation which can help improve their sleeping, learning and wellbeing.

For example, a child with a #1 energy in their numerology needs to always have choice about what is in their bedroom as they are very visual and need to be able to express themselves with colour, feature walls and have some change in the bedroom every year to keep them inspired, learning and energised.

When parents notice a change in their child’s behaviour or having concentration or learning problems, they should go to the child’s bedroom and look for items that may be distracting the child or not working for them any longer. Ask your child “Is there something bothering you in your bedroom?”

Our goal is to create a comfortable, harmonious bedroom that makes for a good night's sleep and the child feeling refreshed in the morning.

We provide you with an in-depth Numerology, Energy and Colour Report (including their Birth, Path, Destiny, Kua & Year numbers) tailored to your childs unique energetic profile. You can also choose to have an on-site consultation to assess what may be influencing your child now. 

What is required from you before a consultation?

  • Child’s Date of birth
  • Home address

Please contact Jenny on 0428 497 160 to book your consultation and report.

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