From selling to SOLD

First and foremost you must be absolutely, 100 % ready to sell your home, no hesitations! If you’ve decided it’s time – then it’s time to let go!

Ensure that the energy of the house is aligned with all the occupants and that each person's subconscious is ready to sell - speak with your family, are they ready to sell? What does selling mean for them and their next steps? Get a sense for what your new step forward looks like.

Done? Decided? Perfect. Show the world you’re ready to move on from the old and bring on the new - with a garage sale! Time to pass on all those items that have had their time with you and your family. Let someone else enjoy them the same way you have. Anything left over - give to charity.

When preparing for the garage sale, clean out all the cupboards and walk in robes from top to bottom, throw out items no longer suitable for use (especially the ones you had forgotten even existed).

The pathway to your home should be inviting, flowing and free of any obstacles - as should your entry area. Furniture, shoes or other items blocking the entry to the home should be removed. If there is a wall directly in front of a visitor when they enter the home, we can help remedy this for success.

Make sure your letterbox is cleaned - inside and out - and that your house number is clearly visible.

Clean all windows, flyscreens and doorframes (inside and out)  with a mixture of Eucalyptus, Orange Oil and hot water.

Clean the bathrooms and leave them sparkling! Add some brightly coloured new towels. Green and turquoise work best, we recommend steering clear of having brown, black, beige or grey shades.

Try placing a red doormat inside your front step - place 3 x $ 2 coins in a small red envelope beneath the mat.

Burn candles during inspections - but know that different scents have different effects. Ask us what scents work best.

The kitchen is the hub of your home and needs a lot of special attention. We can help you with this.  We can also help you ensure that your furniture is well placed throughout all areas of your home for maximum flow and ambiance.

These are some of the simple tips that make a huge difference in the energy of your home, which affects buyers from go to whoa. If you would like to know more about ways to help sell your home faster THE EASY WAY or to request a private in-home consultation, get in touch today - we would love to help.

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