Privacy Policy

Under the Regulations of the Privacy Act 1988 and Privacy Amendment Act 2000 the proprietor and employees of Love The Way You Live follow strict confidentiality procedures when given your personal details.  These details may only be accessed for you on your behalf by a request in writing to the proprietor at Love The Way You Live to release this information.

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information collected by Love The Way You Live, through our website or by information provided to us, is necessary to manage your request for our services.  This information would be collected when you tell us about yourself by completing our ‘Contact’ page through our website or if you specifically provide us with your personal information.

Love The Way You Live is required under the Privacy Act 1988 to only disclose information to other parties as required to perform their duties to achieve the purpose as specified above.

Love The Way You Live reserves the right to withhold your personal information where its disclosure to you is restricted by law and is subject to a legal matter, or where it could compromise the privacy of another person.

If you wish to amend your information or would like your information deleted from our database, please email us at