Renters Guide…

Time to move? Change of scenery coming up? Here are our top tips for making it from A to B with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment.

LOOK AHEAD :: First things first, when are you moving? Be sure to give plenty of notice to your Managing Agent. The best decision you can make to help yourself out is to arrange your lease dates to overlap. Giving yourself approximately a week with access to both houses can be an absolute lifesaver. Whether local or interstate you can arrange deliveries and utilities which you will be forever grateful for upon arrival (think electricity, gas and internet). Of course this depends on budget and the availability of the new property - but if you can manage it, we certainly recommend it!

LET GO ::  At the residence you will be vacating, keep only the things you need to make it through a few nights - a small set of cutlery, plates and cups, linen for the beds and maybe a cd player to give you something to groove to while you’re cleaning. Everything else should be packed away or en route to your new home.

PAY ATTENTION ::  Before you settle in to your new home and before the furniture arrives, take careful note of the condition the house is currently in. The first hours you spend here are best spent with your Residental Condition Report and a camera - look for scratches on walls, marks on carpet and any signs of damage or disrepair. Ensure that windows and screen doors lock are secure (remember you are moving all your valuables in here!). Two hours well spent can save you hundreds of dollars later on, when an incomplete Residential Condition report can implicate you as responsible for the prior tenant’s damage.

SHARE YOUR INTENTIONS :: Let your property manager know what changes you would like permission to make at the new property, think entertainment (Foxtel installation, TV points), security (screen doors / sliding locks, sensor lights), convenience (clothes line if not already on premises) and beautification (picture hooks, curtains / blinds). Of course anything you perceive to be a health and safety hazard should be discussed and rectified as soon as possible.

START AFRESH :: If time and budget permit, book cleaners for each of the properties - typically you need to organise this two or three weeks in advance to ensure that the job will get done on time. Sometimes it can be a little more expensive to hire a cleaner than to do the work yourself, but an end of lease clean needs to be thorough from top to bottom (from inside the stove to washing down the windows). Carpet cleaning is crucial too, and remember that you need to factor in 3-2 days for the carpet to dry after this being done. Carpet cleaning should be last on your list of things to do for your previous residence, and first on your list for your new home.

APPRECIATE SIMPLE COMFORTS :: Such as electricity! Remember to disconnect your old service and connect your new service in a timely fashion (allow 1 to 2 weeks before moving). Hot showers and cups of tea are not things you will want to miss out on after a long day of shifting boxes.

WORK WITH OTHERS :: There are professionals out there to help you every step of the way. Love the Way You Live can put you in touch with whoever you need so please feel free to contact us - we’re happy to help! Just some of the people you may need to consider are:

TV programmers, Lawn maintenance, Foxtel installation (these chaps need plenty of notice - book two weeks prior to moving).

REFLECT :: Before you walk away from what used to be your home, remember the good times and the memories you shared - you take a piece of every place with you when you move.

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