House Consulting

Did you know that all houses have their own energy?

When you drive in your driveway, what do you see? Does it feel inviting? Does it make you feel calm and relaxed and glad to be home?

Our home is our castle and if the home is cluttered, un-organised and not welcoming, then the occupants will feel the same way living there as well.

My Home Number Energy & Colour Consulting will teach you how to work with the energy of your home, including your house number, ideal colours to use and furniture placement to create the perfect combination for a peaceful and calm home life.

With my previous experience in real estate, I also can assist you when buying your next home, and/or your engaging a sales agent to sell your home get you prepared and ready for the photo shoot with decluttering and furniture placement.

Curious to find out more? 

Call me today or book in a 30min 1:1 Zoom session and ask about our consultation process.

What is required from you for us to prepare your report?

  • House number
  • Your Date of Birth

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